Forsikringsseminar ved UiO

Forsikringsseminar ved UiO

mandag 04.04.22 Skrevet av Qingsheng Dong

Styre i Den Norske Aktuarforening informerer om at Matematisk institutt, Universitet i Oslo, arrangerer forsikringsdag tirsdag 26. april 2022

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Oslo has again the pleasure to invite you to an Insurance Day! We offer a schedule with interesting topics within finance and insurance. This event brings industry and academia together and it is also a good chance for students to come in touch with our industrial partners! Among other topics we have:

- Reserving models and the use of new technology,
- Market valuation in life insurance,
- Expected longevity and pensions,
- Risk management in insurance,
- Non-life insurance modelling,
- University of Oslo's actuarial group and EVU courses.

Some of the scientific key words in the talks are: risk, pensions, longevity, claim reserving, machine learning, control and regression testing, GLM, reserves, counterpart risk, etc.

Participants: EY, Statistisk Sentralbyrå, Gjensidige Forsikring, Concordia University Montréal, University of Copenhagen, DNB and University of Oslo.

Time and place: April 26th, 2022 9:00 AM–3:05 PM, Thon Hotel Vika Atrium, Oslo
Registration: Via the online form on the main webpage.
Price: NOK 2000 inkl. MVA. (coffee breaks, snacks and lunch included).

You can find more information in the website:

Bonus talk! The day after this seminar, Prof. Garrido will also hold a local seminar in our department with title: "Bridging epidemiological and actuarial models: the case of COVID-19" in Auditorium 4, Vilhelm Bjerknes' hus, Blindern at 12:15. Link here.