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Senior Data Scientist, Tryg

Call for Papers. Paris 2020

Den 10.-14. mai 2020 arrangerer IAA en internasjonal aktuar kollokvium i Paris. Det er hele fem seksjoner i IAA som har gått sammen og arrangerer felles kollokvium. Temaene vil derfor spenne bredt. Seksjonen er LIFE, AFIR-ERM, PBSS, ASTIN og IACA. Hold av tiden i kalenderen allerede i dag.


Du har nå muligheten til sende inn ditt arbeid til kollokviet. Nedenfor er link til «call for papers». Merk fristen som er 15. november

Innspill – Diskusjonsnotat om stressmetodikken for forsikring

EIOPA har publisert et diskusjonsnotat om stressmetodikken for forsikring.

Forslaget kan i sin helhet finnes her.

Fagkomité Finans ved Trond Killi er ansvarlig for å utarbeide utkast til skriftlige kommentarer.

Fristen for å levere kommentarer fra medlemmene er 27. september 2019. Innspill sendes til Trond Killi;, som er leder av fagkomité Finans.

Webinar Update on Insurance Topics 17 September 2019 | 10.00-12.00 CEST

The AAE will be organising a webinar on the topic of ‘Update on Insurance Topics’ on Tuesday 17 September 2019 from 10.00-12.00 CEST.

In the the attachment you will find all information on the programme, speakers and additional practical and technical information.

Registration is now open. Please note that registration closes on 6 September 2019 cob.

All information (including the link to the registration) can also be found on the AAE Website following this link.

IAA Resource and Environment Working Group Releases a Discussion Paper on Flood Risk

The International Actuarial Association (IAA) is pleased to announce the release of the discussion paper “Flood Risk”, developed by its Resource and Environment Working Group (REWG).

This paper provides a description of flood risk and how it can be managed. It is intended to provide a fundamental background and encourage discussion on this important topic for use by actuaries, regulators, and public policy planners around the world. Aspects covered include: the entire flood risk management process, methods that can be used to assess, mitigate, and finance the risks involved, the role of insurance and governments, public policy implications, and the role of actuaries. Floods are a major threat to life, health and property across the world, making the methods of mitigating and financing them vitally important. A wide variety of approaches to manage this risk have been taken by both the private and public sectors, the best combination of which has to be determined by each country. It is the desire of the REWG that the principles considered in this paper can be effectively utilized by each country.

Gábor Hanák, IAA President, said “the cost of floods around the world, in terms of property damage and human health and life, is enormous. Floods can have a significant financial and economic impact on society and the individuals and businesses affected. We hope that this discussion paper will provide actuaries with a practical resource in providing services to the many stakeholders affected by the key issues raised in this paper.”

Sam Gutterman, leader of the REWG subgroup said “Floods have always been with us. But we now have tools and increasingly enhanced information to better manage their associated financial risks. The REWG hopes this paper will enable actuaries to effectively apply these tools and information so that private and public entities, as well as applicable regulators and policymakers, will be able to craft better approaches and solutions to this risk.”

The paper is available on the IAA website under Publications/Papers.

This activity supports the IAA’s mission to inform and influence global stakeholders, assure the reputation of the profession, and advance the competency of the profession. Further, it contributes towards achieving one of the IAA’s strategic objectives to promote the advancement of scientific knowledge and the skills of the actuarial profession.

To learn more about the work of the IAA on this and related resource and environment topics, contact the Secretariat, care of the Resource and Environment Working Group.

Skuld søker Reserving Actuary

Reserving Actuary

Skuld is seeking a Reserving Actuary for our Enterprise Risk Management and Actuarial department.  In an independent and challenging role, you will form part of a small but highly skilled team with excellent opportunities for professional development.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Calculate technical provisions
  • Assist the regulatory reporting function
  • Assist in the production of the ORSA
  • Provide analytical support to Skuld’s business units
  • Provide technical input to projects
  • Contribute to the validation of Skuld’s internal Solvency II model

Qualifications and qualities:

We are seeking a candidate who has:

  • Higher quantitative education within actuarial sciences
  • A minimum of 3 – 5 years’ relevant work experience would be beneficial
  • Extended knowledge of Solvency II requirements
  • Good programming skills, preferably in R
  • A good business understanding
  • Cross functional collaboration skills, across finance, underwriting and claims functions
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • A desire and ability to continuously develop competence
  • Strong English language skills

Living our values, you are:

  • Accurate – you never compromise on precision, reliability and quality
  • Bold – you take part in transforming our industry to future challenges
  • Caring – you care for our customers, our people and our business
  • Dedicated – you go the extra mile and are a good Skuld ambassador

We can offer:

We offer an international and challenging position with excellent opportunities for work and personal development and with competitive benefits. This is an opportunity to join a diversified marine insurer. Through our marine insurance platforms Skuld P&I and Skuld Marine Agency, Skuld caters to the needs of shipowners, the offshore and energy sector, charterers and traders, ports and terminals, cargo and the superyacht community. Skuld has a strong financial position, around 280 highly skilled employees worldwide and offices in Oslo, Bergen, Bermuda, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, New York, Piraeus and Singapore.

Contact person:

Tobias Told

Chief Risk Officer

Please send your application to:

Erik Myrind

VP, Human Resources

Deadline to apply: 25 August 2019.

Skuld was established in Oslo in 1897 as a P&I club for Scandinavian shipowners. Today the company is one of the world’s leading marine insurance provider with a strong financial position and an ‘A’ rating with Standard & Poor’s.

Over the years Skuld has become a diversified marine insurer that offers bespoke covers for the diverse needs of shipowners, the offshore and energy sector, charterers and traders, and the superyacht community. Skuld is headquartered in Oslo and runs a worldwide office network of around 280 highly skilled employees from 28 different nations in 10 locations across Europe, the US and Asia.

Gjensidige søker senior analytiker

Senior analytiker

Forsikringsprodukter – Prismodeller – Lønnsomhetsovervåkning 

Har du bakgrunn som aktuar, matematiker eller statistiker? Da skal du fortsette å lese videre

Vi har ledige stillinger i vår enhet for prisanalyse som er organisert i området Analyse, Produkt og Pris og rapporterer til konserndirektøren for dette området. Enheten er ansvarlig for utvikling og prissetting av konsernets forsikringsprodukter. Enheten er sentralt plassert og er en viktig del av konsernets strategiske beslutningsprosesser.

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