AFIR-ERM Annual Colloquium

We are pleased to share with you information about the AFIR-ERM Annual Colloquium to be held in Florence this year, from 21-24 May, see also here

The AFIR-ERM Section is open for any individual (actuary or non-actuary) who is interested in financial risks, investments and enterprise risk management (ERM). We organize a Colloquium annually in which conferences are given by experts on different topics from all around the globe.

This year, innovative topics will include: Sustainable Value Creation, Hedging Extreme Risks, Investments in the ESG Framework, Systemic Financial Risks and Enterprise Risk Management in the Non-Financial Sectors.

The registration fee is around 1,250 EUR for non-members and 950 EUR for AFIR-ERM members. The fee to become a member is 50 CAD (Canadian dollars) and it covers your membership for the whole year (and gives you access to discounts on other seminars, webinars, related research and international networking). So if you are interested, it would be better for you to become a member, and benefit from the discount rate.

This costs are for early bird (before April 19), after that date, the registration fee is a bit higher. So hurry up and register now!

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